Snapchat and Social Media Continue to Revolutionize Journalism

There was a time when journalists sat down at their desks and put pen to paper. However, those days are long gone. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, people have to adapt to the changes around them — including journalists.

Journalists are starting to rely more on the use of social media to tell their stories. John Egan from PR Daily to a look at how journalists are using Snapchat to enhance their storytelling capabilities.

Egan discusses the many creative capabilities Snapchat has to offer. He suggests journalists take the time to master Snapchat before attempting to use it. Snapchat offers a unique brand of storytelling that Facebook and Twitter lack. The ability to draw and have text over pictures and videos is unlike any other social media.

As someone in Snapchat’s target demographic, I could not agree more with Egan. Snapchat’s uniqueness separates it from any other app, and there are certainly advantages to be had when using Snapchat’s story feature. As Egan refers to, you could cover a football game or a Presidential debate with Snapchat. A journalist that can master Snapchat is certain to get their story across to a much wider and youthful audience.

I would encourage all young people interested in journalism to take Snapchat more seriously. Mastering Snapchat could eventually lead you to that journalism career you have always dreamed of.


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