Young Voters stuck between Rock and a Hard Place on Election Day

Towson students wait patiently for their chance to vote outside of the Loch Raven room in the University Union. (Photo by: Mike Mills/TU Student)

Towson University students stood anxiously in line waiting for their chance to decide the fate of the United States’ presidential election.

Some students did not hold back when asked about how they felt about this year’s election.

“More attention has to be paid to the primaries so that we don’t have two jackasses running for president. The primaries do matter,” Sierra Egan a junior at Towson University said.

Towson University made the Loch Raven room in the University Union available to students who wished to vote. As Election Day reached the midway point, students patiently waited in a line that stretched all the way out the door.

“I’m having some friends over for a watch party. This election has been like a reality TV show,” Manpreet Kaur a sophomore at Towson University said.

Regardless of whether students are hosting watch parties, attending watch parties, or anxiously checking Twitter, the fate of the United States will be decided tonight. One of the most publicized and widely talked about elections in history is finally coming to an end.


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