Formal Sorority Recruitment takes over Towson University

Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon perform their cheer for potential new members. (Photo by: Suzanne Peters Burton/TU Alum)

Hundreds of girls completed the final step of the recruitment process on Sunday by committing to one of Towson University’s 11 on-campus sororities.

The conclusion of formal sorority recruitment marks the end of a frenetic nine days for Towson girls. According to Carly Heasley, the director of Greek life at Towson University, 395 girls accepted bids to join a sorority. From Feb. 10 – 19, potential new members (PNMs) put on their best faces and dresses in hopes of impressing their dream sorority.

“There’s a lot of emotions, and there’s just a lot going on for PNMs and sororities,” Delta Phi Epsilon sister, Sheila Wenzler said. “PNMs are super emotional, and they just want to get bids from their top sororities. On the other hand, sororities are nervous to see who comes back and wants to join them.”

The Panhellenic Association, the body in-charge of Towson’s sororities, is left to manage the inevitable disappointment that ensues after girls do not get invited to join their top sorority. Recruitment counselors are appointed to help girls manage the stress and anxiety that the arduous recruitment process elicits. However, according to Heasley, the majority of girls that completed recruitment accepted invitations to sororities.

“We had a very high retention rate of women going through the process which we are very proud of,” Heasley said. “This has a lot to do with the hard work of the recruitment counselors and the Panhellenic executive board. It takes a lot of people and a lot of hard work to make it a smooth process.”

Next Spring the emotional roller coaster that is formal recruitment will take place again. Until then, however, new members will look to discover and develop the sisterhood that unifies a sorority.


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